As previously reported, the crazed woman who assaulted soul singer Lester Chambers after the 73-year old, dedicated a song to Trayvon Martin has been charged.

Lester Chambers-Youtube
Lester Chambers-Youtube

The woman is 43-year old Dinalynn Andrews Potter.  The incident took place at the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival in Hayward, CA, Saturday (July 13).  During Mr. Chambers performance, he dedicated a song to the late Trayvon Martin, just days before George Zimmerman would be acquitted of second-degree murder.

Lester Chambers is the lead singer of soul group the Chambers Brothers and was barely into his rendition of Curtis Mayfield's "People Get Ready" when he was assaulted.  Out of nowhere, Potter jumped on stage yelling "its all your fault" and shoved the elderly man down to the ground.

Here's a look at exactly what happened.

Chambers suffered minor injuries from the incident, and has hired a lawyer.  For her nasty deed, Dinalynn Andrews Potter faces felony assault counts in addition to elderly abuse.  Both Chambers and his family believe the incident was racially motivated and want her charged with a hate crime as well.  Mr. Chambers said of the event, "It is a hate crime," he said. "There's no other reason for it. She had hate in her face like a demon."

Meanwhile, a Alameda County Superior Court judge issued a warrant for her arrest on Wednesday.




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