During the Memorial Day weekend the Ying Yang Twins were performing at a concert in Little Rock, Arkansas, where member Kaine got so drunk he had to be carried off stage. But it’s ok, because he has a valid excuse to why he was tore up from the floor up during his set.

According to TMZ, someone apparently gave Kanie Ciroc Vodka, of which he referred to as “puffy juice," instead of his preferred Patron Silver tequila. According to the “Salt Shaker” rapper, “the puffy juice, that’s that Ciroc with all them ol’ fruity flavors. I don’t drank that!”

Kaine even spoke of his cerebral palsy, citing it may have made his drunkeness seem more than what it really was. He made it clear though “ at least they caught me doin' what I’m supposed to be doin.” Check out the video as he’s carried off stage below.

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