If your looking for a great way to improve your energy?  Zydeco Fitness is the answer!  It's a high energy way of working out and the beauty of it is........ you don't even feel like your working out.

Mona Lisa Doshier of Lake Charles, Louisiana or as we call her Mona D is the power behind the machine.  Zydeco Fitness! Her classes are always jam packed with people of all ages and walks of life, eager to dance and get a little exercise at the same time.  Zydeco Fitness has become extremely popular over the last couple of years and has quickly become THE class to go too.




Speaking of which, join in on all the fun.  You can catch Mona at the Ward III Recreation Center located at 3200 Power Centre Parkway in Lake Charles, Tuesday@5:30p.m, Wednesday@8:30a.m and every 3RD Saturday of each month @ 8:30a.m. At Ennos Derbonne Sports Complex located at 7903 Lake Street in Lake Charles every Thursday@ 5:00p.m.  Christian Baptist Church, 5th Ave (South) location, Lake Charles. LA @ 5:00 p.m.  And for high energy Step Aerobics Class join Mona D every Monday at Ward III Recreation Center @5:30pm.

So, what is Zydeco?  If your from the South, you already know.  However, if your not  Zydeco is dance music played by the beautiful Creole French speaking people of Louisiana with African descent.  At its core, it's authentic sound comes from the accordion paired with the scrapping of a rubboard.  Add some drums and a guitar or two and you have yourself some         "foot stompin"  Zydeco music!



There's no doubt about it Mona D has found a creative aerobic way to exercise by utilizing Louisiana's own heritage "Zydeco".  To top that off she just release her very first DVD "Zydeco Fitness".  So, if your not from here, but still want to take her class...YOU CAN!  If you want to take her class, but in the privacy of your own home....YOU CAN DO THAT TOO.  Buy Mona D's new DVD "Zydeco Fitness" now    at Buy & Save Beauty Supply located at 1005 Broad Street in Lake Charles for just $10.00.  For more details or to order the DVD call Mona D directly at 337-263-5353.

Whatever you do "LIKE" her on Facebook and stay up to date with what's going on with Zydeco Fitness at www.facebook.com/ZydecoFit.