With the new year, were making some changes.  Starting with the name of this segment.  It will now be known as "Upgrade Your Health" for the mind, body and soul.  Second, from here on out I'm going to issue a weekly challenge for you to take part in.

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Life is a challenge, but you can make it through.  Keep pressing, don't give up on getting and staying healthy.  If your New Year resolution is to begin the journey to a healthier life by exercising and eating right.  Do it, and know that it's not always going to be easy.  Just take one step at a time and you will succeed.

Sharmita Rideau

If you've been on the journey of getting fit and eating healthier, stay on course.  If you fall off from time to time, getting back on track is what is important.  Today's upgrade challenge: 25 jumping jacks daily and replace sodas and juices with water.  For more details on how to reach me or take any of my classes go to my website at www.lifefitfree.org or call me at 409-383-3249.

Here's this weeks "Upgrade Your Health" minute-