Fitness and wellness is a broad category and for the next few months we will break down these subjects.  The mind is first, lets tackle the heart of the matter.  The mind tells you to do or not to do.  So, we need to balance the good and the bad.  Learning to balance out the mind this month, will lead to better fitness and wellness.  Listen up to this weeks health minute and feed your mind with the good news: 

To start your journey to better health, join Sharmita at the Power Center Gym behind Super Walmart  Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 8:30am.  Pryce Miller Center on Hwy. 90 Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm.  Drew Park Tuesday and Thursday at 9am and 4pm. For more info call Sharmita at 409-383-3249 or go to or even