Healthy living is much more than just simple daily habits, it's a lifestyle change and commitment.  Whether you are trying to improve your eating habits, incorporate physical activities into your day or week, or just trying to cut back on portions, healthy living is a choice.

So, make the choice to make it a permanent part of your life and not a temporary thing.  Live life to the fullest and embrace changing the habits that hurt your body, like your life depends on it.  If you think about it, your life really does depend on you making healthy choices in your diet.

Shatonia McCarty, MS, RD, LDN
Shatonia McCarty, MS, RD, LDN


Exercise is just another way to extend you life, increase your overall energy and keep your metabolism balanced.  So be encourage and see the joy in living longer, healthier and happier. I'm Shatonia McCarty and this is another weekly message to help you Upgrade Your Health!

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