The money Percy "Master P” Miller was set to collect from “Master P’s Family Empire” reality series will not be going into his bank account, but instead going to his estranged wife.

Master P has been in court quite a bit over the past year, mostly fighting allegations from his estranged wife Sonya Miller, from accusations of physical and verbal abuse; his lack of spousal support; and more.

TMZ reports that Miller is still going back and forth over child and spousal support with Sonya Miller, and now he has to hand over $825,000 from season 2 of his reality series. Not only does the almost million dollars cover back child support and spousal support, but a judge reportedly said it will “secure future support.” P was also ordered by the judge to pay Sonya’s $15k lawyer fees. Sheesh!

Note to self, don’t get a divorce in California. Even better, don’t get a divorce at all, it’s cheaper to keep her!


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