I seem to be talking about my friend Sean Ardoin a lot lately. Well here is another reason for me to be talking about him as he made his national debut on Good Morning America. Robin Roberts and Rob Marciano came to town on this past Friday. They were here to show some major needed love for our beautiful city after we endured two major Hurricane back to back.

Sean is a two time Grammy nominated artist. He's been featured on Queen Sugar and so much more and he is still the same ol Sean.

This Thursday Sean announced that he would appear on GMA, but we didn't know at which magnitude and man when I tell you he showed out. He showed Out! If you missed his performance, check out the clip below.

Let's support our home grown friend and family member with purchasing or streaming his latest album. His latest release is called Coronacation Relationships and it's classic Sean with a twist.

Congrats again homie. Keep making the city proud.

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