I'm proud to announce my dear friend Sharmita Rideau had her baby!

Acein Kole Rideau
Acein Kole Rideau

Congratulations to Sharmita and her husband Kevin.  The happy couple welcomed their third child, Acein Kole Rideau Sunday March 9th.  Their beautiful baby boy was born 6 weeks early.  However he was healthy and weighed in at 5 lbs 15 oz and that's all that matters.

You won't hear her on the radio giving her weekly motivation in "Upgrade Your Health" for a couple of weeks, but I guess she has a good reason.  If your part of her K.I.S.S program, make her proud and continue your journey to better health and weight loss.

Once again, congratulations the Rideau's on the birth of their son Acein.

P.S.- With three boys, I think you guys need to have a girl next, so she can keep all that testosterone in check!

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