This week with Upgrade Your Health, it's time to put your money were your mouth is. Let's stop talking about getting healthier, eating better and exercising.  Let's be about it and make a life change today.  Like the old saying, "Why put off till tomorrow, what can be done today."  Besides, tomorrow your gonna find another excuse on why you cant go walking or make a better meal choice etc.

This week let's strengthen our weakness and let's start with our commitment to change. Look at the time of day where you find yourself idle and do a quick activity like 20 squats, a walk around the building at work or running in place for 5 minutes.  Get a visual chalkboard and right down a plan of action and stick to it.  Set a simple to-do list by time and manage your daily scheduled according to that list.

Bottom line, getting fit is something we all have to work at.  Each day brings new challenges, but we can't give up.  Living healthy requires action and once we understand the payoff and see the results, it becomes a little easier to stay the course.  We will all fall-off every now and then.  As long as we get back on track, that's all that matters.

So, take a look at your individual weakness and work towards eliminating it.

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