We talk about this all the time. There are far to many Black men being killed by the Police. I have talked about this before, but this is really starting to become what seems to be a pandemic of sorts in our community.

Many would have you believe that there is no difference when it comes to how the Police govern the different communities. However, I want you to take a look at both of these videos and notice the patience that is displayed upon one and not the other.

The latest victim was 27 year old Walter Wallace Jr, of Philadelphia, Pa. He was reportedly in possession of a knife and at one point walked towards the police who offered warning followed by gun shots. There are also reports of Walter being mentally challenged and taking medicine for it. While there are still details coming out. It just leaves me with a bunch of questions. Many would assume that he posed a threat and they were faced with protecting themselves. This could be true, but the above video shows that they know how to diffuse situations and everyone can leave the situation alive.
This is still rough for me. I still deal with anxiety of cop cars and lights. I still fear for my 23-year old son when he goes out of town or even if he's going to visit a friend. As a father and an adult, I understand the severity of obeying the law and how valuable my life is for my family. Our kids understand what is going on. However, there is still the possibility of them just having an oversight and not paying attention to detail.
You can sit around and act like many of us don't have a legitimate reason to fear or feeling of being treated unfair. However, we do. Change is long overdue. While I am not saying that we can make it without having law in our communities. We also need to keep in mind that we need to be treated fairly and equally regardless of the color of our skin. Our young brother, son, and family members are scared and I am sure that Walter Wallace was afraid as well.

While I feel like we are talking about this to often. I truly hope that justice will prevail for this young man and the ones who couldn't practice restraint or compassion for someone who was obviously not in his right mind should be dealt with in court.

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