It's been a tough year, the good news is 2020 will be over in 2 more months. The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic may follow us into the new year, but hopefully a vaccine will be available by mid-February and life could begin to get back to normal. The chaos of the 2020 Presidential Election will soon be behind us and only God knows how America will move forward after November 3. As the nation braces for the historic results, now just a few days away, we'll all get the benefit of an extra hour of shuteye starting this Sunday November 1.

Fall Forward 2020 begins this weekend, putting an end to longer days and official usher in the holiday season. Saturday before you go to bed or while your out and about, set your clocks ahead 1 hour at 2 am. The next time-change will take place 4 months from now, on March 14 2021, so save the date. It's officially Fall and early evidence of cooler weather is already taking effect in many states around the country. Matter of fact this Sunday our low temp is Lake Charles is predicted to be 45 to 42 degrees!

In the meantime, we have 30 more days till the end of the 2020 Hurricane Season. I know I'm not alone when I say, "November 30 can't get here soon enough!"

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Behind-the-Scenes Photos From SWLA Good Morning America Broadcast

Behind-the-Scenes Photos From SWLA Good Morning America Broadcast

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