Thinking positive is half the battle in having a good day, week, year and life.  It's mind over matter. 


There are many aspects to being healthy.  Working out is only one part, however that alone isn't going to do it all.  Thinking positive and eating the right foods are others.  Put them together all together and have a pretty good recipe for becoming healthy.  Change is the name of the game if your not happy with your present weight or health condition.

There's no doubt about it, what you eat you are.  If you surround yourself with bad or negative people, you'll eventually become just like them.  So, it's important not to hang-out with dream killers.  Clear your mind, allow yourself to make mistakes and learn to get up when you fall

Sharmita Rideau
Sharmita Rideau

This week the message is "Uplift" and that's exactly what I intend to do.  Uplift you with positive information so that you can continue on your weight loss journey.  Press play today's encouragement now: 


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L.I.F.E. FIT for Women





The mission of L.I.F.E. FIT is to help women of all ages become fit naturally and spiritually, in mind, body, and soul. This is a support system for one another during the time of the natural weight loss as well as spiritual. To encourage one another to link up together to be strength, help and a shoulder to lean during difficult times in our journeys. Living In Freedom & Excelling (L.I.F.E.) says that by living in the freedom that God handed to us through Jesus Christ we can Excel and become whole in every aspect of our lives. When we become whole and work towards maturity we are able to help others along the way in their process of becoming Free to be Fit.

The Purpose of THE K.I.S.S. PROJECT is to work with ALL women with targeting African American women and low income households in the SWLA area who want to lose 20 plus pounds. L.I.F.E. FIT is part of Dare to be healthy program ran by The Partnership of a Healthier SWLA. This project will ensure these hand-picked women that they will leave more educated, aware, accomplished, determined and lighter naturally and spiritually. They will be able to maintain by using the simple but effective steps that are taught through the curriculum on their own for the rest of their lives.

Starting the Program:

  • All women will have to fill out a K.I.S.S. application. This will have a variety of question to get to understand them better and get an idea of if they will be committed and if they qualify for the help.
  • L.I.F.E. FIT will sift the applications for 30 committed women willing and ready to go down this journey

Program Overview:

  • Women will have to attend a 90 day/12 week program in which they will meet with the L.I.F.E. FIT instructor 3 days out the week ( Monday, Tuesday & Thursday) and have the opportunity to go to other events done by instructor. The women will be broken down to 10 women every session/90days. 3 sessions will be held annually.
  • 2 days will consist of simple physical activities ranging from outdoor runs/walks workout camps to water aerobics class, floor aerobics and body weight training. 1 day out of the week will consist of the S.I.M.P.P.L.E. curriculum and through the teachings of registered dieticians that are part of the Partnership.
  • After the 12 weeks are over L.I.F.E. FIT will maintain connections with the women through their maintenance time. The women will continue to check in monthly for weigh-ins and will still be able to come to sessions for a $1 with the next group of women (the focus will be on just the women who are in the sessions at that time).

Measurements of the project:

  • The women will weigh-in and get their measurements (height, weight, age, BMI etc.) done at the beginning of the program. Weigh-ins will continue every 2 weeks and measurements will be on a monthly basis.
  • They will get screenings for blood pressures, diabetes and all around health concerns. This will be provided by area hospitals and clinics.
  • K.I.S.S. assessments will be given at start of program and every 3 weeks during the 90 days. This will include jumping jacks, endurance run/walks, squats, wall/floor push-ups and more. This will measure strength, endurance and accomplishments of goals.
  • Goal setting will be a major part of the project, we will set the goals weekly these will be attainable and simple goals. Like no eating white bread for a week, stop drinking sodas the next week, do 10 jumping jacks Monday but get to 30 by the end of the week.
  • Journal keeping- writing down how they are feeling daily, this will be an outlet for their frustrations, victories, hurts and accomplishments. They will have an opportunity to share with one another on curriculum days. This will help in aiding one another reach their goals by hearing that they are not the only ones feeling that way.

Incentives for being a part of this Project:

  • Women will be highlighted through different forms of media, there will be gifts when goals have been accomplished. There will be a K.I.S.S. Project Awards at the end of the year where each one who finished the project will be awarded for all of their hard work.
  • If any feel like they would like to continue the project for the next year they will be able to if L.I.F.E. FIT sees the need.


WEEK 1: S-SELF: Focus on yourSELF daily! It’s healthy to not only think of others, but most importantly to work on yourSELF.

WEEK 2: Journal discussion/review week 1 topic. Q&A and 15 min nutrition class by registered dietician

WEEK 3: I-INCLUDE: to make this journey fun you need to INCLUDE family and friends. We want to be the change for our family,  so incorporate them. L.I.F.E. FIT will give different techniques to add your love ones in this journey.

WEEK 4: Journal discussion/review week 3 topic. Q&A and 15 min nutrition class by registered dietician.

WEEK 5: M-MIND: Get control of your MIND. The MIND is what keeps us from making the right choices in living a healthy lifestyle.

WEEK 6: Journal discussion/review week 5 topic. Q&A and 15 min nutrition class by registered dietician.

WEEK 7: P-PRAY&PLAN: PRAY that God will give you the strength and instructions you need to change for the better. PLAN your daily activities, daily eating and stick to them.

WEEK 8: Journal discussion/review week 7 topic. Q&A and 15 min nutrition class by registered dietician.

WEEK 9: L-LEARN: Always be teachable, LEARN about all the different ways to have a healthy diet and simple exercises you can daily.

WEEK 10: Journal discussion/review week 9 topic. Q&A and 15 min nutrition class by registered dietician.

WEEK 11: E-EMBRACE: Find ways to EMBRACE this change of life. Focus on the positive, like your weight loss, the increase in energy, the obstacles you have to overcome and a chance of longer life.

WEEK 12: Last discussion we will recap on the previous weeks!

Additional Programs L.I.F.E. FIT will hold:

  • Book club meetings on Wednesday evenings
  • Walk It-or-Talk It walking club meets every Saturday morning at 10a at various parks
  • Simple obstacle course boot camps 2  Saturday mornings out the month.
  • Newsletters sent out monthly
  • Speaking engagements TBA
  • KIDS NEED Program once a month




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